This is outrageous! How could this have happened? How many millions have been wasted so far?


  1. Just do the math. How much does an emergency police vehicle cost? How much does it cost to pay the union pay and benefits to a police officer. Is the city wrongfully charging the public with city crimes and infractions? And if so, how many wrongful arrests have been made? And how much will it cost the city to reverse all of the wrongful charges they have made? And why is the city disturbing the public by running up and down the beach with their patrol cars? Don’t people go to the State Park so they can be away from cities. All I can say is WOW! What a screwed up Mayor Ocean Shores has. She should be arrested.

    1. “Is the city wrongfully charging the public with city crimes and infractions? And if so, how many wrongful arrests have been made? And how much will it cost the city to reverse all of the wrongful charges they have made?”

      So if the city charges someone in the State Park with a city charge. Then the charge should be reversed immediately. Or they could be in HUGE trouble!!!

      It’s also wrong for them to patrol the beach until they find someone who commits an RCW. Those also need to be reversed.

      WOW the Mayor sure does like to create havoc for themselves and the public. City police patrolling in a State Park … very absurd.

      1. The city has broken bridges that they don’t fix, but they will go buy more police cars which they use to illegally patrol outside of their jurisdiction. Dingler, your a clown. Step down.

          1. I’m talking about REAL bridges you fool. The kind you drive over with your vehicle.

      2. Well I really don’t think anyone is going to know that they were wrongfully charged, so I seriously doubt that there will be any reversals necessary. If your speeding then you should be written a ticket. If I’m in Aberdeen and I get a speeding ticket by an Ocean Shores police officer out on patrol, I’m not going to complain. Speeders should get tickets.Besides what if someone commits a crime in the State Park. There should be no limits to jurisdiction.

      3. There’s a statute of limitations. So the city can’t be held responsible for wrongful arrests or citations that happened quite a while back. So there shouldn’t be any problems.

      1. Wouldn’t it be easier to just raise more taxes from the Ocean Shores citizens? What if there’s a Tsunami? We would need those extra police officers and police cars. Leave the mayor alone. Just pay more taxes and everything will be alright. I don’t have any problem with the Mayor raising my taxes. They pay a lot more taxes in California and Oregon.

    2. The Mayor tells us that the city is broke and we as citizens need to pay more tax dollars. Ocean Shores is made up mostly of elderly and retired individuals who are making by on the income they have. Paying taxes is difficult and we feel that the money should be spent wisely. Being retired they tend to stay out of political issues and don’t really spend much time investigating where their tax dollars are being spent.

      After telling the Ocean Shores citizens how broke the city is, Mayor Dingler begins spending our hard earned tax dollars by directing and instructing our expensive police vehicles and highly paid union police officers with super benefits, equipment, fuel, and other patrol expenses to illegally patrol in the State Park where they do NOT have jurisdiction.(see jurisdiction documents on page one of OS MAYORS OFFICE)

      While on patrol out of their jurisdiction, they begin writing municipal / city tickets and other RCW while they are out on patrol. And that is illegal. Every member of the public who is wrongfully charged must have their charges reversed. Think of the costs involved with being wrongfully arrested or even charged with a municipal crime, infraction, or even an RCW while they are out patrolling out of their jurisdiction. This could easily become a class action lawsuit. That’s not only a waste of tax dollars, it’s lawsuit material.

      Instructing the police to run patrols out of their jurisdiction is a massive waste of taxpayer dollars. Not to mention the fact that those patrols bother and disrupt the persons who went to the State Park and want to be away from all cities and their problems. The State Park is sanctuary for the Public. And it is not in the cities jurisdiction. Visitors to the State Park have left the city and are now trying to relax and enjoy themselves and don’t want to see City police out of their jurisdiction patrolling up and down through the state park. That job is being done very well by the State Park Rangers who are doing an excellent job managing the State Park. And they have been managing the State Parks for more than 100 years now. I’m just impressed by the State Park service.

      The Mayor will keep asking you to pay more in city tax dollars. But she never tells you what she does with your money. We keep paying and it HURTS! While she continues with tax spending that is just simply ludicrous. Most Ocean Shores citizens want to retire and relax and don’t want to be involved with how their hard earned tax dollars are being spent …. and that is making it even easier for the Mayor to waste our tax dollars, no one even notices that she instructs the city Police force to run patrols outside of their jurisdiction, which is illegal.

      The taxpayers in this city are hoping for a Mayor who will do the job correctly and not waste their tax dollars.It is time for a re-election. Dingler is out of control and she’s killing us.

  2. If they get a 911 call they can be sent to the State Park. But only from a 911 authorization. But no they shouldn’t be patrolling outside the city, in the State Park. They should only patrol within the city of Ocean Shores. Running patrols outside the city is nonsense. Any mayor would know that … I hope.

  3. What pisses me off more than anything is when I’m trying to relax in a State Park and I have an OS city cop cruising up and down the beach looking for some sort of violation. How in the hell would I know what their city laws are? I went to the State Park for sanctuary and to escape the cities and their problems. My God what next. Mayor Dingler … PLEASE STEP DOWN FROM YOUR POSITION.

    1. It’s pretty easy to tell; while you are within the ISP (internet service provider) and are able to see content through the use of a proxy server such as “hide my ass” https://1.hidemyass.com/ip-3 but then it fails from within the ISP using a trace route command; it is pretty clear the the ISP is blocking the site through the use of an ACL (access control list) or other methods. ACL is most commonly used.

      It is a federal violation for an ISP to use an ACL or other method to block legal content. A federal complaint can be made and federal investigators will file federal charges against the persons blocking the content.

    2. I have heard reports from a person who was running for a city elected position, who stated that their internet content was shut down or not accessible from within the ISP network during the election process. And they did not understand that an ISP can shut your content down by simply making an ACL (access control list) entry. And then remove the ACL after the election is over. That is clearly an FCC violation. And a violation of your civil rights.

  4. County and State have jurisdiction on the beach. I remember when I was about six years old and the teacher explained the hierarchy of city, county, state, federal. Maybe Mayor Dingler needs to hang go back to school. Or do us all a favor and resign from her position. She is not competent or is deceitful; one of the two. Ocean Shores taxpayers are tired of being screwed over by the Mayor. Step down Dingler.

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